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To subscribe to the Newsletter of the Applied Linguistics and Literacy in Africa & the Diaspora Research Network, please send an e-mail with ‘Subscribe – ReN Africa Newsletter’ in the subject line to the Newsletter Editor.

Submitting Content to the ReN Africa Newsletters

Below, we provide some basic guidelines for submissions to our newsletter, which comes out twice annually, in April and in October.

  1. The newsletter is not a formal academic journal. We don’t have specific guidelines in terms of referencing or style, but suggest that submissions avoid using jargon and specialized terminology given that the Research Network’s members come from a wide variety of academic disciplines. Please include clear, concise, descriptive language that will be understood by our diverse readership.
  2. Use single spaces after sentences. Use single-spaced type. We accept text in any font. Please avoid writing text in all capital letters in headings, titles or otherwise.
  3. Please avoid use of footnotes. For the format of our newsletter, we prefer endnotes.
  4. Please submit your content in an MS Word document or in the body of an email.
  5. If you can provide any images with your submission, we always appreciate having graphics such as an organizational logo or photos.
  6. We currently accept submissions in English and French. We hope to eventually publish the newsletter in additional languages spoken in Africa. We do not have a budget for translation, and thus rely on volunteers for any translation needs.
  7. We suggest those considering submitting content browse our previous newsletters to get a sense of the style and tone of the content, as well as the different newsletter sections so that you might suggestion where your submission would best fit.
  8. If your submission has been previously published, you are responsible for seeking reprinting permission and for observing relevant intellectual property law.
  9. We generally need to receive submissions by March 1st and by September 1st, for the next issue.
  10. We can only consider submissions that are directly relevant to issues of language and/or literacy in Africa and the African diaspora, whether related to research or practice.

Should you have any questions, please be in touch.

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