Applied Linguistics and Literacy
in Africa & the Diaspora Research Network

Network Goals

The primary objective of this Research Network (ReN) is to promote literacy and applied linguistics among scholars with an interest in Africa and the African diaspora. It also aims to raise the profile of this research in both local and international communities.

Applied Linguistics & Literacy in Africa & the Diaspora

Our ReN brings together a diverse groups of scholars working in highly dispersed fields, including but not restricted to literacy, discourse analysis, language and education, language policy, and language and health, all of which share an important interest in Africa and the diaspora. The inclusion of the term ‘literacy’ is to signal that this research reflects our interest in expanding the circles of research to include scholars who have hitherto not regarded themselves as applied linguists.

An important defining feature of this ReN is the way it takes seriously issues about ethics and research accountability. We are centrally concerned with addressing capacity building and enhancing opportunities for sustainable development as an integral part of research practices within a global context.



We seek to share information, build knowledge and encourage excellence in research in the field of applied linguistics and literacy in Africa and the Diaspora. We envision a future where literacy and language learning are applied towards sustainable development in Africa and African communities.



In order to accomplish our objectives, we therefore seek to create opportunities within Africa and the Diaspora:

  • (i) to promote collaborative research on language, literacy, and learning, also including literature, popular culture, creative writing, media and cultural studies in Africa under the rubric of literacy education and multilinguilism in Africa
  • (ii) to encourage debate on research findings relevant to applied linguistics and literacy research
  • (iii) to share research findings in local, regional, and international research communities
  • (iv) to mentor research by graduate students and other emerging scholars
  • (v) to foster partnerships with other organizations interested in language, literacy, and learning
  • (vi) to distribute information on sources of funding and awards for research related to the ReN
  • (vii) to advertise conferences, symposia, and workshops related to the current concerns of the ReN
  • (viii) to disseminate information on books, journals, and discounts relevant to ReN members

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