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Pan African Reading for All Conference, Abuja, August 2017: CODE’s research seminar

October 31st, 2017 at 0:39

The initiative Context Matters is being established by CODE to lessen the reliance of practitioners in Africa on external evidence by supporting research which is clearly situated in local contexts and recognizes the multifarious and complex relationships between the local and global in education. As an initial step in developing an appropriate research agenda, CODE commissioned two landscape literature reviews and one policy analysis from Jennifer Thompson, Espen Stranger-Johannessen, and Kapil Dev Regmi, with peer input from faculty at numerous African universities. The literature reviews examine existing research on current literacy and language education in Africa as it relates to Girls’ Empowerment through Language and Literacy, and Africa Language and Literacy with a focus on ‘21st century skills’. The papers go on to identify promising and intriguing areas requiring attention including Gender, literacy, and the policy environment; The literacy practices of girls and boys in school and beyond; Sexual health literacies; Early childhood education related to African realities and practices; Mother tongue- based multilingual education; and Development and use of openly licensed learning materials. These reports were presented at the Pan African Reading for All Conference in Abuja, Nigeria.

The conference brought together 230 experts (214 from Africa) mainly from higher education, including teacher colleges, representing a total of 20 nations, 12 of which were African. To stimulate wider discussion and generate feedback related to priorities for future literacy research, the reviews were presented at the CODE Research Symposium, “Developing a Literacy Education Research Agenda in Africa.” The panelists addressed issues of language policy, teacher preparedness, and the how cultural practices impact literacy and learning. The feedback from the symposium addressed similar issues, including parents’ role in education, gender empowerment, language of instruction, and research methodologies. More information.

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